What Are The Best Ways Possible to Recover Funds From a Crypto Scam

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Unfortunately, if you’re in this situation I feel very sorry for you but no worries I’ve got you! Let’s go over the steps and the best practices for recovering funds from cryptocurrency scams. Follow these steps and trust me you’ll hopefully recover your funds and I’ve saved the best for last!


1. Monitor your credit

Once you’ve fallen prey to the crypto scam the first and foremost thing you need to do is monitor and check your credit. This will make it easier to identify and check all the fraudulent accounts that have been opened under your name. Also, add a fraud alert to your credit report since it’ll prevent scammers from using your identity to create a fake credit account. You can file and add a fraud alert by contacting agencies such as Equifax, Experian, and lastly TransUnion. 

2. List down the details of the scam

The second thing you can do is document all the details of the scam which is very important. You need to keep track of all the emails, text messages, and all other digital assets which are linked to the crypto scam. You need to note down all your personal information and details along with the company that scammed you or the name of the person and all their details including the email, full name, and phone numbers. This will allow you to easily file a detailed report and send it to all the relevant authorities.

3. Contact all the relevant government departments and agencies

The third step you need to follow after noting down all the details of the scam you will need to find relevant government agencies to report this scam. If you’re living in the US the best government agencies you can report your scam to are the Federal Trade Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and lastly the Securities and exchange commission. In the UK, the best agency to report any kind of cryptocurrency scam is Action Fraud. If you live anywhere in the world you need to Google and you’ll find the best agency. 

4. Report this scam to crypto exchange and wallet providers

After reporting it to relevant government agencies you need to alert all the crypto exchanges and wallet providers. You can report it to Coin-base and Kraken since both platforms have the option to report this scam. 

5. Contact Reliable Company for easy find recovery

If you’re looking for a company that will aid you in recovering the funds lost Ez Chargeback is the best company for you. I’ve personally experienced their customer service first hand when I recovered 200 dollars worth of cryptocurrency after being scammed by an imposter website. This is the best company out there and you need to check them out. 

Recovering funds from a crypto scam can be difficult if the scammers have obtained access to your digital wallet. But guess what?! Something similar to this happened to my friend. The scammers got into her digital wallet and changed the access keys and locked her out of her own wallet. When that happened she reached out to – what she calls “The best fund recovery agency”, and they used innovative strategies and techniques to regain access to her digital wallet and retrieve the amount that scammers had stolen from her. The name of this agency was EzCharge Back, in case any of you guys need help recovering money from a scammer. My friend informed me that their investigative agents are excellent at what they do! They were able to regain control of her crypto within 30 days. 

Step 1 is always to stay clear of scams and scammers, however, if you do end up getting scammed – then don’t worry because there are numerous professional investigative organizations here to help you out!

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