First Look at Monster Racing League

Monster Racing League is a new play-to-earn racing game developed by New Zealand-based Flightless Studio. The game involves monster-like characters that drive themselves through a racing track. Players have to use unique skills and abilities to destroy their opponents or boost past them. Unlike other blockchain games, the game heavily focuses on the fun factor rather than earning profits.

Monster Racing League is a blockchain racing game that allows players to earn rewards by performing well in races and owning monsters, vehicles, or tracks at the same time. In the game, players need to build a team of monsters and race them to unlock special abilities, character upgrades, new vehicles, and more. You can also breed monsters together to create the ultimate powerful monster that will have combined performance traits of its parents. The monsters are tradable NFTs, and each is unique in terms of stats and looks. The play-to-earn mode of the game involves a ranked tournament in which the top 3 players are rewarded while the remaining players receive comparatively smaller rewards for participating.

The primary focus of the developers is to make the game more enjoyable, unlike blockchain games that focus more on earning money. Gameplay comes first, then comes blockchain! A player’s skills and strategy matter when winning a Monster Racing League race. If you are good at playing, you will win rewards. The game offers numerous monster NFTs, vehicles, and tracks, so the winning factor depends on how a player strategizes. There are multiple ways to win the game, like completing special events and tournaments, breeding/selling monsters, performing well in races, or collecting royalties for owning a track.

The game runs on the Polygon network due to its fast and low-cost infrastructure. It has a dual token economy consisting of two ERC-20 tokens, Knucklebones Token (KBT) and Phat Loot Token (PLT), the utility token and governance token of Monster Racing League, respectively.

Monster Racing League Introduction

Monster Racing League Gameplay

Before playing Monster Racing League, you need to buy or rent a monster from a marketplace. Monsters have unique strengths and abilities, so players need to focus on getting past opponents by using boost cards or using weapons wisely by assessing their traits. You must also equip your abilities and weapons that will be useful to boost past opponents or destroy them. 

After the matchmaking process, you join the lobby with monsters having similar rankings that will be competing with you. During the race, monsters will do the driving themselves, but you destroy opponent vehicles. Here your defensive and strategic skills will come into use. The higher you rank, the more the chances of winning exciting rewards.

Each standard PvP race in Monster racing League consists of multi-round tournaments having six players. At the start of each round, players can choose their weapons and abilities. To join a standard race, players need not pay any fee. However, special tournaments with higher prize pools are paid. On winning a game, the top 3 players will receive rewards in the form of KBT tokens, boost cards, and other in-game items.

Monster Racing League Gameplay Details

Monsters, Tribes, and in-game items

Monster: Monsters are character NFTs that drive your car in Monster Racing League. No two monsters have identical abilities and stats. Instead, the monsters belong to a specific tribe and have access to special abilities depending on which tribe they belong to. The Monster NFTs are tradable on the external marketplace and can be bred together to generate a new monster.

Tribes: There are four tribes in MRL, and each tribe has specific abilities inherited by the monsters. The four tribes are Fire, Mountain, River, and Sky. The Fire Tribe will have access to Flamethrower, Asteroid shower, Heat Shield, and fire boost. The Mountain Tribe will perform better on dirt tracks and mud obstacles. The River Tribe will have abilities including Tsunami, Ice spikes, and mist and perform well in watery areas. Finally, the Sky tribe will perform better in fog and snowy conditions. So, all the monsters will have special powers according to their tribe.

Boosters: Boosters can increase speed, handling, and power-up abilities. They allow you to race past other drivers and help you win the game. You can buy booster pack NFTs on the game marketplace, and a maximum of 3 boosters can be used in a race.

Tracks: Tracks are in-game items and NFT assets that can be used to earn rent for owning the track. Players can make passive income by renting out a track. Tracks are rare assets, and 20 tracks will be given out during the initial mint of each container. The tracks will be set in different locations, including forests, airports, and islands, and will act as obstacles during snow, rain, fog, etc.

Monster Racing League Tribes Details

The Team behind Monsters Racing League

Monsters Racing Leagues is developed by New Zealand-based award-winning studio, Flightless. The game is being published by Phat Loot Studio, known for successful blockchain game projects like Untamed Isles and Guppy Gang NFT.

Flightless was founded in 2005 as a digital design company that slowly transitioned into a full-time gaming studio with IP rights. Flightless has a team of experienced developers, designers, and creative directors and is known for its RTS game Element and the Apple Arcade title Doomsday Vault. The team consists of Founder and Creative Director John O’Reilly, Greg Harding-founder and technical director, Grant Robinson- Game Designer, and many others.

On the other hand, Phat Loot Studios is experienced in marketing, economics, and game design and will handle Monster Racing League’s marketing and promotions. The Phat Loot team includes Kerwin O’Malley-Marketing & Growth Lead, Keegan Lloyd, Joshua Grant, and others.


MLR has a dual token model that runs on the polygon network. The in-game utility token is Knucklebones Token (KBT), and the governance token is the Phat Loot Token (PLT).

The KBT is the primary token for buying in-game items like booster packs NFTs, breeding or selling Monster NFTs, and receiving rewards from renting out tracks or staking tokens. The ERC-20 token runs on Polygon Matic Chain; there is no capping of its supply. The top 3 winners of each race will receive KBT tokens as rewards.

The PLT token, on the other hand, is used in all Phat Loot games and ecosystems. Players can earn Phat Loot tokens by participating in special events races, winning tournaments, and engaging in marketing events. It can be used to breed monsters in Monster Racing League and buy tickets to exclusive events.

Monster Racing League Container Mint

The container mint started on June 24, 2022. The Monster containers contain 6 NFTs. About 2500 containers of ETH and 2500 of Polygon were given out in the pre-sale round. The price for a container is set to $200 USDC and the containers have everything you needed to start playing the game, from Monsters, Abilities, Boost packs, and Vehicles to Tracks. Check it out now on

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