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Having surveyed the evolution of the NFT and token launch landscape, it became clear that there was an inherent communication problem consistently confronting projects across the industry spectrum. Typically for NFT drops there is a pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phase, with each stage requiring bespoke communication with community members. 

Most of these projects were using discord or telegram, with community groups defined by disengaged, passive user profiles, muted accounts and a common trend of decreasing communication quality as communities grow in size. So imagine a project sells 6,000 NFTs, I would have to think they would only reach a maximum of 10-20% of these holders via congested telegram or discord channels. Then the problem is compounded when any of these NFTs are sold to someone else, making these new holders unreachable.

Given the frequency with which holders sell their tokens and NFTs, it is increasingly difficult for projects to maintain direct contact with current holders of their assets. At EtherMail,we have developed a solution to address this systemic industry problem, which was thrust into focus earlier this year when MailChimp took the decision to ditch crypto and Web3 projects from its newsletter distribution service. We want to establish a best-in-class framework for Web3 email communication with our growing roster of partners. We’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of mass adoption, and aim to be the frontrunner when it comes to anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication.

The value flow would look like this. Day 1 – say you buy an NFT, you receive an email to your EtherMail address from the NFT project welcoming you to the community.  Day 3 – you receive a follow up email from the NFT project to your EtherMail address with the latest info on what you can do with the NFT. This allows the project to create a communication flow based on on-chain activities, with personalised messages to each NFT holder. We are also synchronising the data of the smart contract with blockchain data – this means you are now in the category of user that holds NFTs. If the project wants to send an email to all people who hold an NFTs, then you are on the list.

Then, imagine on Day 20 you sell the NFT to someone else. At this moment, your address would move from the category of ‘current NFT holder’ to ‘former NFT holder’, and the new owner would be added to the ‘current NFT holder’ category, so the list is automatically synchronised with data on the blockchain.

Our underlying thesis is as follows: projects need a way to differentiate communication between current asset holders and everyone else, and communication should always be targeted and relevant. With EtherMail, companies don’t have to worry about updating their list, as our solution enables self-updating mailing lists for community newsletter distribution based on real-time, blockchain-synced data. We’ve essentially created a holding inbox for wallet users, it’s like a post box that’s waiting for you when you first log in with your wallet, with all your relevant communication.

At EtherMail, we are pioneering Web3 email communication, establishing partnerships with renowned NFT projects such as Probably Nothing, Toxic Skulls Club, inBetweeners and Prime Planet. This has enabled these projects to segment their asset holders based on the number of tokens held, the rarity traits of an NFT held, the specific type of NFT held, and more. By leveraging our proprietary Web3 email solution, these partners can tailor communication to their NFT holders accordingly, and send custom rewards for contributing to the respective communities.

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If you’re a Web3 project and wish to leverage the latest innovations in Web3 communication to boost community relations and streamline communication with asset holders, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

For more information on how EtherMail can help your project maintain a direct and secure line of communication with your asset holders, visit: EtherMail.

You can also discover upcoming EtherMail features and follow EtherMail on Twitter and Telegram.

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